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Annual Sale, 15th October 2015

"More Meat, More Money-Makes $en$e"

Flock 4220

Sale Offering: 10 Stud Rams, 190 Flock Rams

Selling Agents in conjunction

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Rebate: 2% outside rebate to agents in attendance, introducing buyers prior to start of sale, and settling on their behalf.


Rams will be available for inspection from 10:30 am on sale day or by appointment prior to the sale.

Lambplan figures available on all rams on sale day or earlier by request.


BBQ luncheon and afternoon tea will be provided.

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Ash/P- Ashley Park Ash/b- Ashbank DR-Derrynock K-Konongwootong Kl- Killara KR-Kurralea

L-Leenala N-Newbold SD-Shirlee Downs

(T) - Twin. (Tr) -Triplet. DOB - Date of Birth. S/D - Sire of dam EBV-Estimated breeding value

B/W-Birth weight (kg) W/W-weaning weight (kg) Pwt-post weaning weight (kg) Pfat-post weaning fat Pemd -Post eye muscle.

Stud Information

At Konongwootong Dorsets we aim to produce the type of terminal sires required to meet the many varied methods of producing and marketing prime lambs. An emphasis is placed on breeding rams with large eye muscle; length of carcass/length of loin with high growth rates. We aim at producing rams with balanced performance figures as well as being structurally sound and clear of facial and leg wool - the complete package. We believe it is important to breed sound, robust, minimal care sheep.

All our sheep are regularly monitored for worms and are scratched for scabby mouth.

They have also received Coopers 8:1 x 2 doses. All sheep on the property are plunge dipped off shears, as a preventative measure.

All our sheep are Lamb Plan tested and the stud has a Brucellosis Free accreditation. Our Lambplan EBV data can be accessed at anytime by logging onto the Lambplan website data base page. Our accuracies for Bw, w/w, Pwwt, Pfat & Pemd are consistently in the 60's -70’s. We have included Trade and Export indexes as well as the actual figures.. Our EBV data is taken from 15/08/13 run.

Our OJDMAP classification is MN2V, and so we are able to trade into S.A. As is our usual practice, our flock rams are grassfed and have not been feed anysupplementary grain.

We have introduced some exciting new genetics into our stud through our AI and natural mating programs.

Included in this years’ offering, will be progeny of Leenala 10-126(T),Shirlee Downs 10-102, Ashbank 11-228, Newbold 11-100, Ashley park 11-217 & Killara 11-062

All these rams were selected for their musceling, conformation and robust health. We also test mated 2 Konongwootong ram lambs . We selected these rams firstly on their visual correctness, then on their carcass shape for ease of lambing and then on the Lambplan figures. All the ram lamb sires were early maturing and had excellent growth rates.

Our Derrynock bloodline is peforming consistantly and producing an even line of rams. Our own Konongwootong bred sires are continuing to perform well. They are producing strong, robust sheep with plenty of length and muscle and extremely short, true downs type wool.

The skin value is an very important component to our prime lamb enterprises. In our own commercial flock, we aim to get our lambs on the ground as quickly as we can and then get them into the market as quickly as we can.

Alistair & Jess Sutherland and family


Ashbank 11-288 Purchased as an outside bloodline. Good downs type wool and meat I the hnd quarter.

Ashley Park 11-217. AI sire.This ram has bred really well for us. His progeny are early maturing, great growth, with sound structure.

Derrynock 06-531 High Lambplan figures for growth and eye muscle

Derrynock 10-386. Purchased at the Derry nock Sale. Impressed by his growth rate with his sound structure.

Killara 11-062. Ai sire. Killara progeny are ealy maturing and good downs type wool. His progeny have good length of carcass/loin ratio.

Konong 06-232 “Slugger” Son of KP04-303. Retained for his early maturing traits & his well filled in carcass.

Konong 06-776.Son of Ad03-028, retained for his exceptionally clean points, good top line and well filled in hind end. Res Champ Ram S'vention 2008

Konong 07-103 “Thunderstruck” Son of Adelong 03-028. Res. Champ Melb Royal 2008. A powerful sire breeding meat, style and conformation.

Konong 09-145 Son of KR07-542. Very early maturing with good loin/carcass ratio. Sire of Lot 2 K11-542

Konong 09-359 Son of KP 04-303. Used as a ram lamb sire & retained in stud. Massive growth, early maturing and excellent lambing

Konong 10-088 Son of "Slugger. A very well blanced ram with plenty of length & depth of muscle. Very good loin & up on his pasterns

Konong 10-178. A son of DR 06-531. Used as a ram lamb sire & then retained. He has bred very uniformly.

Konong 11-002. Son of KR 09-570. Massive Ram. Producing progeny with length of carcass and great structure.

Konong 11-072. Son of K10-178. Supreme PD Champion,Sheepvention. A good balanced ram with meat where it counts, size, sructure and good wool type.

Konong 12-201. Son of Leenala 10-126. He is breeding really good rams with size, meat and conformity.

Konong 12-271. Son of SD10-102. Massive growth with early maturity. His has the size and the length with meat in the right places.

Kurralea 07-542 Champ Melb. Royal 08. An excellent sire for musceling and structure. Balanced Lamplan figures

Leenala 10-126(T) A Very well balanced ram, with a great hind quarter. Bredding very well at Konongwootong

Newbold 11-100. His progeny are small birth weight but really bounce out of the starting gate. Compact with plenty of meat where it counts

Shirlee Downs 10-102.AI sire. This ram has bred really well. His Lambplan figures are solid He has the meat, size and structure to match his figures.

Shirlee Downs 10-104 AI Sire. His progeny are well balanced. He is producing an even line of rams & ewes with growth rate and structure to match.

Lot 1

Text Box: Supreme Champion Balmoral Show 2014



Tag No DOB Sire S/D
LOT 1 13-004 1/05/2013 Ash/P 11-217 K06-776
EBV 15/08/14 Pwwt 11.3 Pfat -0.76 Pemd 0.29 T$ 107
Actual 04/02/14 84.5 kg 5.0 39 E$ 106
Lot 2

Text Box: Res Champion  Sheepvention 2014



Tag No DOB Sire S/D
LOT 2 13-013 17/05/2013 L10-126 Allendale 08-095
EBV 15/08/14 Pwwt 12.8 Pfat –0.93 Pemd 0.37 T$ 107
Actual 04/02/14 83.5kg 4.5 38 E$108
Lot 3


Text Box: 4th Lambplan Ram Aledaide Royal 2014



Tag No DOB Sire S/D
LOT 3 13-014 17/05/2013 Killara 11-062 K06-232
EBV 15/08/14 Pwwt 11.9 Pfat –0.74 Pemd 0.69 T$ 108
Actual 04/02/14 87kg 5 38.5 E$ 107
Lot 4



Tag No DOB Sire S/D
LOT 4 13-068 20/02/2013 Ash/Park 11-217 Konong 09-347
EBV 15/08/14 Pwwt 10.26 Pfat –1.28 Pemd 0.38 T$ 102
Actual 04/02/14 71kg 2.5 35 E$ 108
Lot 5



Tag No DOB Sire S/D
LOT 5 13-319 30/05/2013 Konong 12-201 Konong 07-103
EBV 15/08/14 Pwwt 12.5 Pfat –091 Pemd -0.14 T$ 106
Actual 04/02/13 84kgs 4.0 34.5 E$ 107
Lot 6



Tag No DOB Sire S/D
LOT 6 13-347 30/05/2013 Konong 10-178 Konong 09-122
EBV 15/08/14 Pwwt 11.21 Pfat -0.95 Pemd 0.33 T$ 106.
Actual 04/02/14 80 5 38 E$ 107

Lot 7



Tag No DOB Sire S/D
LOT 7 13-759 10/08/2013 K11-002 Kowhai Park 04-303
EBV 15/08/14 Pwwt 12.19 Pfat –1.34 Pemd -0.39 T$ 102
Actual 04/02/14 75kg 3.5 36 E$ 109
Tag No DOB Sire S/D
LOT 8 13-071 20/05/2013 Konong10-088 Konong 03-067
EBV 15/08/14 Pwwt 8.3 Pfat -1.01 Pemd 0.29 T$ 103
Actual 04/02/14 65.5 2.5 34 E$ 106
Tag No DOB Sire S/D
LOT 9 13-114 23/05/2013 K12-271 A04-703
EBV 15/08/14 Pwwt 11.84 Pfat –1.62 Pemd 0.03 T$ 104
Actual 04/02/14 84kg 4 35.5 E$ 108
Tag No DOB Sire S/D
LOT 10 13-667 15/06/2013 K10-088 K07-103
EBV 15/08/14 Pwwt 12.13 Pfat -1.02 Pemd -0.25 T$ 105
Actual 04/02/14 78kgs 3.5 35.5 E$ 108