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Stud Information

The Prime Lamb market is currently in the doldrums, so it is even more important to select your terminal sires very carefully. Good, well-bred lambs are still being sort after by meat buyers and bring the best price.

At Konongwootong, our focus is to produce a line of commercially profitable, high performing, low maintenance rams to suit the demands and needs of todayís prime lamb producer. Our primary aim is to breed rams that will produce prime lambs to meet the Export and Trade markets: thus, giving the producer the best opportunity to maximise their marketing opportunities.

Our flock rams are paddock reared on good quality pastures and are raised as a single management group from weaning to sale time and all treated identically.

At Konongwootong we adhere to a strict bio-security plan. Our flock is Brucellosis accredited free and we have MN2V status in the MAP OJD programme. Our vaccinating programme for OJD commenced in 2002, there for all our stock are a minimum of second generation vaccinates.

We have been part of the LambPlan Performance recording system since its inception, but we place an emphasis on structural correctness before we consider EBVís. Basically, a ram must be able to do the job he has been bred for.

We also utilise both Prime Scan and Stockscan to help identify our better performing bloodlines through their additional scanning capabilities.

As well as our Poll Dorset stud, we run 4000 commercial self-replacing Dorset Coopworth cross ewes: so, we are aware of the challenges and needs of the prime lamb producer.

In addition to our on-property auction on Thursday 19th October, we are this year offering clients the opportunity to bid on-line with Auctionsplus. This will allow for the audio live streaming via the Auctionsplus website, as well as access to the individual ram videos and associated facts and figures. Clients wishing to bid online should register with Auctionsplus prior to our sale day.

The rams will be available for inspection from 9.30am on Thursday 19th October 2023, or by prior appointment (please contact Alistair or Shannon or your stock agent).

Alistair & Jess Sutherland & Family