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DSCN1370.JPGKonongwootong Dorsets

Konongwootong Dorsets is operated by Alistair & Jessica Sutherland and family at Konongwootong, in the SW of Victoria. The stud has been built up to approximately 500 ewes specializing in easy care, early maturing quality flock rams. Alistair and Jessica also run a commercial prime lamb enterprise and commercial beef herd.

Konongwootong is set amongst the rolling hills and table land country between Coleraine and Harrow. It is part of the Naracoorte Hamilton Region of the Poll Dorset Association. In most years, Konongwootong has a reliable rain fall and moderate climate. The soils are good rich red and black loams, ideally suited for the production of lucerne and rich pastures, necessary for the prime lamb production.

At Konongwootong, our focus is to produce the type of terminal sire required to meet the many varied methods of producing and marketing prime lambs. An emphasis is placed on breeding rams with large eye muscle; length of carcass/length of loin with high growth rates. We aim at producing rams with balanced performance figures as well as being structurally sound and clear of facial and leg wool. We believe it is important to breed sound robust, minimal care sheep that will adapt easily to any environment and perform for the prime lamb producer.

Alistair and Jessica are both very active in the Poll Dorset Association. Alistair at a Federal Council level and both at State and Regional level.

Konongwootong have a show team each year that competes at Adelaide & Melbourne Royal Shows as well as Hamilton Sheepvention and at local shows in their region. We believe that showing is a good way of comparing our sheep against our peers. Over the years we have had quite a deal of success in the show ring. Both Alistair and Jessica have been invited to act as judges at shows.

We like to have a close involvement with our clients and take an interest in their enterprises. Feedback from our clients is always welcome and rams can be viewed at any time by appointment.